CareNow Refresh

Project Background

CareNow is HCA Healthcare’s national chain of urgent care centers. Urgent care is one of the fastest growing service lines and is highly competitive. Still relatively new in communities, CareNow marketing efforts have been working to establish brand identity, grow the customer base, and foster patient loyalty.

CareNow marketing materials had been designed and were actively being used throughout the HCA Healthcare network. However, the CareNow brand had continued to go through some gradual changes and refinement. It was time for a complete overhaul.

The Goals

We had a few simple goals for the CareNow Refresh project:

  • Create a more consistent look across core marketing, direct mail and email campaign collateral.
  • Grab the patient’s attention in a way that is friendly and approachable.
  • Simplify the content so that it is short, catchy, and focuses on patients’ needs.
  • Use photography in the CareNow setting with actual doctors and clinicians to establish authenticity.

The Results

We approached this project not as a complete design overhaul but as a refresh that would help establish and solidify the CareNow brand. We looked for subtle ways to tighten and clean-up the collateral to make it more approachable. Before, the pieces used generic stock imagery and were cluttered to the point of sensory overload.

We softened the edges of the design, literally, by creating curved-edged icons that make us less serious and friendlier. Striving for more authenticity we removed the stock photography and photographed our actual CareNow doctors and clinics. The result was a more personable and consumer friendly design with streamlined, easy-to-read content.