2017 IT&S All Hands Event

Project Highlights

The IT&S All Hands Event is an annual gathering of IT&S employees that continues to build culture, boost morale, recognize achievements, honor award-winning employees, feature industry thought leaders, and host HCA Healthcare leadership. The four-hour meeting is held at the Music City Center and all Nashville-based IT&S employees (over 1,500) are invited.

The Goal

IT&S leadership sees great value in IT&S employees attending this in-person event. At the end of the day, the All Hands Event is meant to continue to build a positive, unique culture, to share content that inspires employees, and to foster a deeper connection to HCA Healthcare’s mission.

The Results

For years, members of the Creative Services team have imagined, designed, and produced this event. Our event specialist, communication strategists and designers come together to create a unique experience that is talked about for weeks before the event and talked about for weeks after. Looked forward to year after year, the IT&S All Hands event has become a signature event for the HCA Healthcare Creative Services team. The 2017 theme “Above and Beyond” helped shape the stories and content shared throughout the meeting and was a natural springboard from the previous year’s event which was focused on “Back to Basics”. The forward-looking theme and action packed agenda was complimented by sci-fi design elements, which created an immersive audience experience. From event space aesthetics including stage design and seating decor to pre-event mood music, we thought of a variety of ways to carry out the theme and reiterate the idea of going “Above and Beyond”. You should have seen the Music City Center because it looked out-of-this-world.

The event videos are always crowd pleasers and the script and set were chock full of references that related to the “Above and Beyond” message. Providing a bit of comic relief, the event videos featured members of the IT&S leadership team who portrayed Star Trek-like characters in the midst of an epic battle. We carefully crafted an agenda that featured a variety of perspectives, including HCA Healthcare leadership, IT&S leadership and an industry keynote speaker, and looked for ways to deliver the content in a way that was engaging and fresh. We experimented with the award presentation for the Noel Williams Award of Excellence videos this year by capturing unscripted moments when the winners were notified. After many years of producing this event, we still push ourselves to look for ways to make each year’s event better, more engaging, more inspiring than the year before. We also distribute a post-event survey and gather anecdotal feedback from IT&S employees. Of course, not all comments are rosy but we’ll use that feedback to know what to improve upon for next year. This year, 73% of survey responders said overall the IT&S All Hands Event is worthwhile, and 92% said they are looking forward to the IT&S All Hands Event next year.